Trois Rivières
Rhum Ambré



Trois Rivières Agricultural Rums are delicate and elegant. It is this style that can be found in the Trois Rivières Golden Rum, which is aged for 18 months in oak tuns.

Trois Rivières Rhum Ambré 40°

ABV: 40% vol.
Available in 70cl, 100cl and BIB 300cl.


This rum is golden in color, slightly coppery, with flashes of gold.


The secondary aroma is characterized by warm sugar and dried flowers. Spicy notes emerge after aeration.


This rum has a soft and smooth taste, with subtle notes of caramel, milk and toast.


The finish of this rum contains straightforward hints of fruit.


An original agricultural rum, due to both its fresh, soft and perfumed mouthfeel and its woody finish.