BBS : Bellonnie & Bourdillon Successeurs

Our Ambition: To share the unique aromatic richness of our famous brands of rum, produced from pure, fresh sugarcane juice, with the greatest number of people possible.

About us

Today, BBS is a company that with almost 100 years of history: it all began in 1923 when the Bellonie brothers acquired the La Mauny domain. In 1970, they partnered with the Bourdillon family, traders from Marseilles, to found "Bellonie & Bourdillon Successeurs". The French investment group Chevrillon, headed by CEO Cyrille Chevrillon, purchased the company in 2012. BBS now handles an annual 30 million euros in turnover and is managed by Nathalie Guillier-Tual.

Our profession: rum

Producing the great rums Trois Rivières, La Mauny and Duquesne: from the crushing of the sugarcane to bottling the end product, through the full measure of expertise involved in oak barrel maturation.
BBS also farms 720 hectares of plantation all located in the south of the island and manages the tourist attractions of La Mauny and Trois Rivières.

A portfolio of great rum brands: Trois Rivières, La Mauny and Duquesne

Our brands each have their own territory, their own estate, their own character and their own history.

Trois Rivières, a brand for great vintage rum; this elegant, casual brand evokes travel and embodies the Caribbean way of life.
La Mauny, with its wonderful aromatic complexity, champions Martinique tradition and authenticity, enriched by its multiculturalism and history.
Duquesne, deeply rooted in its territory, is the current leader in Martinique.

Thanks to these brands, the label AOC Rhum Agricole de Martinique was created, and since 1996 they enjoy worldwide protection of their exceptional local products.